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Zebra Devices Give You Uniform Communication across Your Health Care Facility

Nurses and other healthcare practitioners have to balance a lot of tasks throughout the course of their shifts, including facilitating meaningful communication. Nurses, for instance, may have to call or text doctors or other co-workers. Then there are the calls from the PBX. And those are just the communication pieces. There’s also accessing medical records, scanning barcodes on wristbands, specimen collection, and more.

 Our partner, Zebra Technologies, produces devices that allow nurses and other health care professionals to handle all of these different tasks with one device. The TC51-HC and TC52 mobile computers eliminate the need for multiple devices—two-way radios, personal smartphones, barcode scanners, pagers, etc.

 Your team will no longer experience “communications disconnect” from having to continually switch among devices to communicate for different purposes. Instead of having to purchase multiple devices, Zebra mobile computers make communicating (and other tasks) far simpler because just one device does it all.

 And the TC51-HC and TC52 can go beyond your nurses and other practitioners; they are versatile enough to be used by clinical operations staff as well.  These devices empower truly unified communications across your health care facility (and potentially other facilities anywhere in the world).

 Workforce Connect

Zebra’s TC51-HC and TC52 mobile computers allow you to have unified communications through its Workforce Connect application. WFC has a series of unified voice and messaging communication features for better collaboration and care.

 The days of needing a pager, phone, and two-way radio are over. With Workforce Connect, you can unify all staff with close integration of devices and systems. This makes collaboration more accessible because the devices support voice and messaging functions.


Workers can always reach the right person at the right time with Workforce Connect’s instant push-to-talk feature. PTT works over Wi-Fi and cellular networks. Workers can press one button to talk to whomever they need instantly. The feature works for any staffers, including those who manage teams (even around the world, depending on setup). The robust push-to-talk feature and a text messaging component allow your healthcare facility to streamline workflows and seamlessly connect.

 With the PTT feature, you can purchase fewer devices, eliminate “bring-your-own-device” policies which pose security and other risks, and lower your cost as you move to a fully mobile healthcare facility.

 Nurse Call System

Nurses can also use the devices, which look like smartphones, to call the existing nurse call system and phones.

 TC51-HC and TC52 mobile computers are purpose-built devices. They easily integrate into in-hospital patient call systems. With the call system’s importance to your health care facility, it makes sense to make it as easy as possible for nurses to respond. Your nurses can respond by phone when paged, which increases your team’s responsiveness and raise the standard of care for the patient.

 With the Zebra devices, you also get crystal-clear audio. The devices are built with noise cancellation and one-watt speakers to ensure both sides of the call can hear each other clearly, eliminating the possibility of critical misunderstandings.

 Zebra’s TC51-HC and TC52 allow your nurses and practitioners to spend more time caring for patients rather than managing multiple devices to communicate. ACS can help you optimize your network and integrate Workforce Connect into your health care facility, allowing you to streamline your workflows and provide better patient care. Visit us at wwww.acsmedihealth.com or give us a call today!

David Dean